…on technology

Against my better judgement I am trying it make sense of technology again today. What is Google +? I seem to have fallen into it because YouTube kept blocking my innocent wanderings through cyberspace in order to demand that I change my user name – and then refusing to allow me to oblige until I joined Google. Are Google and YouTube the same thing? YouTube already has an Olive Simpson who isn’t me, whereas ‘my’ YouTube page (set up by someone unknown to me but at least featuring my recordings etc) seemed to work perfectly well – or probably would do if I knew how it worked and anybody else knew the user name.

Moment of panic that I was about to flood the world when the shower wouldn’t turn off…followed by relief as I realised that I was turning it the wrong way. Walked to tube with letter for posting en route only to find postbox sealed. Hmmm… then cause delay at tube station by getting annoyed with the gate for not opening in response to the proffered envelope #feelingfoolish.com On the way back I enquire at the Post Office if there is a strike…and am told that it is a local problem as the key to that particular box has been lost?? Time for a nice cup of tea perhaps.

Today’s favourite quote: ‘Ice formed on the butler’s upper slopes.’ P.G. Wodehouse