…on favourite writers

Thespian overload this week as I climbed to my usual seat in Royal Court via the bar…and found myself in the presence of Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue, at some private party or other. Plucked up the courage to request autographs and tell them how much I appreciate their efforts on Sherlock and Dr Who, and fled. Stopped by a fellow audient who asked me if that was Simon Stephens. No, said I – Simon is downstairs – that is Steven Moffat. Oh…said he. He writes for television, I offered. Oh…said he again. As inadequate responses go, I reckon that was cosmic. There was a Q&A session after Birdland with writer, director and cast…and I innocently asked why one of the final scenes had been cut. (The programme for most new plays at the RC takes the form of the script of the play.) Yes, said Andrew Scott – I would like to know that too. Nothing to do with me said Simon Stephens – I’m only the writer. Erm…which leaves the director, I guess…but it all seemed extremely good humoured, and Andrew reckoned it was Alex Price’s idea so he could get to the bar first….at which point, we all did.